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About Me -

    Hi, my name is Jakob Johnson and I am a team Manager, event organizer/coordinator, and  aspiring Esports coach with history in the scene dating back to 2012. I declared for the Esports Combine in hopes of being able to further my presense in the scene. I have since then coached and managed players to over 1000 total events and hosted near 30 events across the South East and Midwest areas. My dream positions would be a manager or coach for a college or university as I carry history in all sides of the scene from playing and competing myself to hosting events with hundreds of players.

     On a manager side of esports I have owned and operated LAGr Gaming since day 1 bringing us to competitions leveling from local events to pro league and major events. I have also hosted and sponsored over 30 total events in the South East and Midwest regions. A few of these events include Smash Out 2019 and LAGr Events : WKU Edition. While as a player I have won over 100 total tournaments total including both online and in person events. My most recent victory at an in person tournament includes Vandy LAN hosted by Vanderbilt University where I won both Fortnite and Apex Legends. The rest of my accomplishments personally and from teams I have managed will be under other sections.

    I currently am working with Ubisoft as an official content creator on their new title, Might & Magic Chess Royale. I have also worked with Spellbreak pre launch working in their esports division as lead host for weekly events while being a member of the content creator program.

Contact Info :

email -


Esports Work Experince :

Udemy Esports Instructor - 2020-Present

Esportz Network Freelancer - 2020-Present

LAGr Gaming Owner / Founder - 2012-Present

LAGr Events Owner / Founder - 2015-Present

Epic Games Creators - 2020-Present

Ubisoft Content Producer - 2020-Present

Awaken Militia C.O.O - 2021 -Present

Spell Break Lead Organizer 2019-2020

Esports Trade Assoication Memeber

Education History :

California Institute of the Arts : Game and Interactive Media Design - Certificate

University of California, Irvine Claire Trevor School of the Arts : eSports Specialist - Certificate

Fashion Institute of Technology : Game and Esports Essitials - Certificate

New York University : Global Sports Management - Certificate

Cane Ridge High School : Audio/Visual Production - Diploma


Social Media :

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  • UMG Call of Duty Mobile 2 Gold 3 Silver 2 Bronze - 10/13/2019
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